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The Clocks

We design and create many different clocks, from the traditional to contemporary one-offs.

The wide variety of woods, dials and movements we work with demonstrates not just the variety of styles we produce, but how our clocks fit perfectly within many different environments.

Whatever setting you envisage for yours, our creativity and expertise will help you arrive at a design that complements it perfectly.

Have a look at our Traditional clocks below.

Regal | Classic | Royale | Truro

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H: 185cm (6'¾"), W: 43cm (1'5"), D: 23.5cm (9¾")

DIAL Moon dial. Spun chapter ring. Black Roman numerals. Second hand. Spandrels on corners.

HOOD Arched top with finials on each side. Shaped columns. Arched glass door.

TRUNK Narrow waist. Lockable glass door arched top and bottom.

MECHANISM Weight driven eight day movement. Triple chime - Westminster - Whittington - St Michael. Brass pendulum bob. Brass weight shells. Night silence.

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