Broad & Turner Logo

Turning the clock back

The person keeping Broad & Turner ticking is Charlie Turner, a Soho-based film producer turned carpenter who moved to Cornwall to start afresh in 2000 following a hospital operation that had threatened to leave him wheelchair-bound for life.

Ever the pragmatist and driven by his desire to push forward and create a better future for himself and his family, Charlie took the reins at Richard Broad in Bodmin, named after a 17th Century clockmaker. With a few vivid childhood memories of the grandfather clock at his grandparents house in Herefordshire in the back of his mind, Charlie patiently set about honing his craft, surrounding himself with a select team of highly-qualified professionals, while carving out a new way of life within Cornwall’s inspirational surroundings.

Time to rebrand

When a product evolves, so too does the company behind it. That’s why the launch of Broad & Turner’s contemporary range has been complemented with a full re-brand from Absolute Design.

Tasked with reflecting the Broad & Turner ethos, which balances traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge vision, Absolute has taken Richard Broad Clockmakers (named after a 17th Century artisan) and given our brand identity a new lease of life. We’re pleased as Punch with the results – we hope you like them too.

Made of White Stuff

Well, not quite. They’re actually made of walnut. Clothing designers White Stuff White Stuff asked us for several bespoke tables and benches for their head office in London.

Being an active, outdoorsy bunch we figured they would need something durable so walnut seemed the perfect timber of choice. With its tight grain and density, the new furniture was finished off with a subtle wood-stain. Classic, timeless and practical – definitely the right stuff for White Stuff.